The New Shop Preparations

The excitement is filling the air around here as I’m getting everything ready to launch the shop. I finally have a date set for the shop launch – April 5th!! YAY! I’ve been such a busy bee getting things made and tested. Nothing will be sold in my shop unless it has been tried and tested first. So, if we don’t think it’s up to par, you won’t find it in the shop.

So, this week, this is what I’ve done:

  • Started this blog
  • Opened my etsy shop
  • Reserved the same name on ebay to avoid any confusion
  • Went to the bank and opened a business checking account
  • Purchased a few items to gather some feedback on my new etsy account
  • Opened a PayPal account
  • Reserved a website
  • Completed the banner for this blog & etsy
  • Have decided what to do for the avatar, but I have to make part of it first
  • Made a test potholder with heat resistant fabric inside
  • Written down pages and pages of things I’ll have in the shop, along with so many ideas of things to come
  • Finalized my packaging ideas for mailing my goods
  • Ordered my custom labels which will be sewn into my wares
WHEW! It’s been a busy week and there’s still so much more to do. I’m so very excited about this and I have high hopes for my new little corner of the world. My hope is that you will be excited about the end result, too!

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