Some Kind of Busy!

I’ve been on a roll creating lately. Now that the holidays are behind us, I’m able to concentrate on new items and fun projects. Mind you, I LOVE the holidays, they just take so much concentration that I have little room for creating. 😀

Here’s some of my new listings…

Rooster ACEO Painting – click here to see it on ebay auction:


Here’s a Shabby/Cottage/Chic/Victorian outlet cover also currently available on ebay auction (click here to go to the auction):

Another ACEO painting on ebay auction of 2 owls in a hot air balloon (click here to go to it):

A sweet little heart sachet with lavender and some lovely embellishments in my etsy shop (click here to go straight to the pillow on etsy):

And some sweet little tags of crinoline slips also in my etsy shop (click here to go straight there):

And, that’s not all – there’s a few other things listed, but those are just a nice little variety of goodies. Enjoy!!

Black White Beautiful

I am up to it again!! My treasury is on the front page of etsy and I couldn’t be more thrilled!! Here’s a shot of it:


I realize this may be too small to tell much about it, but it’s also on my flickr. You can see it better by clicking here.

I’m so excited about it!! YAY! Happy Friday!!

Cherries and Strawberries

Some of the cutest sachets I have ever seen have been strawberry sachets. They have the shape of a strawberry and are often filled with fiberfill and some scent or another.

Though I can’t really point out exactly what makes me feel so peaceful when looking at one, I do know that they seem reminiscent of simpler times. Something so simple can be so sweet and so cute! I love making them in all sorts of sizes because they are just absolutely fun. Finding all the embellishments for them and then seeing them come together after the planning is an absolutely delight!! This one is a small one and I just listed it in my etsy shop:

Click here if you want to go straight to the listing.

What are your favorite sachets? Why? Do you love them as much as I do?